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What our Patients are ccying

“I thought I was fast, until I ccw the new Wavelight in action! Dr. Manrique de Lara delivers with speed and accuracy. I have seen how he treats every patient like a superstar. Thank you Dr. Manrique de Lara for my ‘Eagle Vision’.”

Miles Austin

Former Professional Football Player from Dallas and Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

“Having a better year with my 3 pointers, thanks, doc! I would highly recommend Dr. Manrique“


Danny Green

“I didn't think I could read again.“

Randy Caroll

I love being on my A game. I strive for perfection and helping my team win. I love the feeling of pleasing the fans. The Z-Lasik performed by Dr. Manrique has helped me perform to the level I am used to playing at without squinting! Go to Manrique Custom Vision to get your Super Star Vision like I did. Thanks Doc.

Danny Green

Dealing with contacts and glasses while on the pageants was such a hassle. I am so grateful to Dr Manrique for giving me my vision back!

Ylianna Guerra

Miss Texas USA/ Miss USA Runner up

I was BLIND! I really got the gift of sight! I truly love my vision, I even got my wife to do her lasik with Dr. Manrique! You rock Doc!!

Big Al


La gente siempre me habla a preguntar, con quien debo de cuidar mis ojos, la respuesta siempre es la misma, El Dr. Manrique. Ya tiene muchisimos años que me atendio a mi y se los recomiendo a todos.

Hugo de La Cruz

Super Tejano 102.1

De las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida! One of the best decisions I have taken in my life! Life should not be a struggle with contacts! Muchisimas gracias Dr Manrique

Perla Montemayor

Weather Anchor – TV personality

It is amazing waking up without having to deal with contacts! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Manrique.

Maria Perez

Weather Anchor Fox/Univision

I hesitated for a while, then I realized I should’ve done this sooner. No one should wait to get their eyes corrected with Dr. Manrique! Thank you Doc.

Freddy Vela

News Reporter/Anchor Channel 4

Seeing the teleprompter is no longer a struggle. I enjoy my new vision!

Leslie Aguilar

News Anchor Channel 5

Thank you Dr. Manrique for my eagle vision. The bladefree Z-Lasik was fast and painless. I can actually see the ball now when I’m on the field. God Bless.

Chris White

Professional Football Player

As a plastic surgeon, I only trust my eyes to who I consider is the best. Thank you Dr. Manrique for the freedom of glasses!

Dr. Luis Rios

Plastic Surgeon

Being in movies, a sports announcer, and a whale trainer I need perfect vision. The only thing I can tell you is DON’T wait like I did. I checked out all the doctors and Dr. Manrique de Lara was the best for me. Thanks for letting me throw away my glasses and contacts, Doc!

Chuck Curreau

TV Personality

I had my Lasik done with Dr. Manrique de Lara over 15+ years ago. I was employed with him then as a technician and knew he was the best. Now I am his Optometrist and work with him very closely. I fully understand why more people choose Doc. The results are awesome and I can see it through the patients tears of happiness.

Dr. Michelle Garza

Manrique Custom Vision Center

My son convinced me to come from New jersey to do my Z-Lasik with Dr. Manrique, I couldn’t see near or distance. After the procedure I slept a few hours and now I see everything like I did in my 20s. Thanks Dr. Manrique for giving me back my vision without glasses.!!!

Danny Green Sr.

I had my lasik Done over 15 years ago with Dr. Manrique, I enjoy so much being glasses free, so now that I am a little older, I went back in to get rid of my reading glasses! Thank you Dr. Manrique!!

Johnny O


I knew I was in great hands for my eyes. No one else, but Dr. Manrique. He made me feel so comfortable, I was super nervous! Gracias Dr. Manrique!

Bonnie Hernandez

Super Tejano 102.1/95.3

Whether you are hunting or fishing, an easy way to ruin your trip is by breaking your glasses, or messing up your contacts. The best solution to have a worry free sportsmen life, was to get my vision corrected. I chose the best! Dr. Carlos Manrique. LASIK… Gotta Have it!!

Fred Rodriguez

Texas Sportsman Tracking Outdoors

I always tell everyone that when it comes to your eyes, you must really really do your research and go with experience. You can’t put a price on your eyes. Thank you dr Manrique for fixing my eyes!


KTEX 100.3

Why even go anywhere else?? When It comes your eyes, you should research your options and know what is best for you. for me, there was only one, Dr. Manrique!

Alex Duran

Mix 107.9

So many of my friends and colleagues have chosen Dr. Manrique, it was the easy choice when it comes to my precious eyes! You only have one pair! It was truly a life changing experience!


Mix 107.9

Dr. Manrique took care of my eyes many years ago, as well as my son. This was a life changing experience. When it comes to your vision, you know you can count on Dr. Manrique.

Cynthia Sakulenzki

President/CEO RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

I was so afraid, but Dr. Manrique de Lara and his excellent staff made it so comfortable, and afterwards I realized that I was worried for nothing! I was blind as a Bat, and now I see better than 20/20!

Ana Ramirez

TV News Caster XRIO

Being a Country Music Performer I need to see my guitar and the crowd. For years I couldn’t see anything clearly even with glasses on. Now I rock your world with some great country music because I can see clearly without my glasses.

Thanks Dr. Manrique for letting me see the world in HD !!

Tracey Lawrence

I still believe in Miracles. It’s a new vision of the world.

Rev. Msgr. Juan Nicolau, Ph.D., STL,


Playing Professional Baseball as a catcher I need perfect vision. Contacts bothered me because of the dust and if I got hit they would move around and I couldn’t see well. Thank you Dr. Manrique for making it possible for me to excel at my job and not having to worry about seeing the world clearly!!!!

Tres Barrera

Manrique Custom Vision Center

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